ewwww, who’s this bitch in bed with me? ;D

The Walking Dead + Complementary Colors [4/6]
↳ Orange & Blue

When you write about your boyfriend, did you get your inspiration from a mills and boon novel? Or do you genuinely believe you infatuated little delusions.

…we’re too cute for you. xoxo 

fuck off. <33

2.07 焼き物 (Yakimono)

shitty webcam selfie. ready to leave soon to get the train down to worthing. so excited to see jack & spend a few days with him. 

04/17/14  (+4)  

the hobbit + silouhettes


captain hook vs. blackbeard ◕‿◕✿

If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together.

tomorrow really can’t come any sooner. i get to see my boyfriend who i haven’t seen since last friday, and haven’t properly spent time with since like, two weeks ago when he went home for easter. but, i get to stay with him thursday-tuesday and i’m so so excited about that! ugh, i just want it to be tomorrow already!

04/16/14  (+1)